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Dr Dominic de Cogan, May Hen and I organise the Cambridge Tax Discussion Group, a forum for discussions on anything related to tax policy. The Discussion Group brings together legal scholars, sociologists, economists, accounting scholars, judges and tax professionals to weekly coffee morning discussions as well as regular dinners hosted in Cambridge.

We've recently launched a website,, which can also be reached via the more catchy url Please visit the site to find out more about the group, our research work and our regular meetings.

The Discussion Group has already been the source of collaborative work and has helped members and visitors meet others working in the wide area of tax policy, leading to seminar and conference invitations. Members and visitors have also found the group a useful place to share research ideas with scholars from different fields, who bring a completely different perspective to the practicalities, wider implications of or historical experience with specific tax reforms.

If you have an interest in tax policy and are visiting Cambridge, contact us and join us for coffee, dinner or a seminar.

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