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Katie Jones

Latest slides

"UK Inflation outlook." Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, 28 July 2022.

"Prudential Fiscal Stimulus" with Charles Nolan. Dynare Conference, July 1 2022.

Recent discussion papers

Nizar Allouch, Maya Jalloul and Alfred Duncan, 2021. "Strategic default in financial networks," Kent Discussion Papers in Economics 2111, August 2021. Revision requested at Games and Economic Behavior.

Duncan, Alfred, 2021. "Reverse mode differentiation for DSGE models," Kent Discussion Papers in Economics 2108, July 2021.


Duncan, Alfred & Nolan, Charles, 2019. "Disputes, debt and equity," Theoretical Economics, Econometric Society, vol. 14(3), September.


Duncan, Alfred & Nolan, Charles, 2019. "Reform of the UK Financial Policy Committee", Scottish Journal of Political Economy, DOI:10.1111/sjpe.12228​

Duncan, Alfred & Nolan, Charles, 2018. "Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Models". Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. Oxford Research Encyclopedias . Oxford University Press.​

Short writing

Alfred Duncan, Miguel León-Ledesma and Anthony Savagar, "Firm creation in the UK during lockdown", National Institute Economic Review, August 2020, no 253.

Alfred Duncan, Miguel León-Ledesma, Anthony Savagar, Petr Sedlacek and Vincent Sterk, "How is coronavirus affecting the creation of new firms and new jobs?" Economics Observatory, July 2020.

Alfred Duncan and Charles Nolan, "Macroprudential Objectives and Challenges," Duke University School of Law FinReg Blog, June 2020.